The world of sports officiating has never been more important to the success of sports. Whether facilitating elite competitions or nurturing safe environments for grassroots player development, better officiating leads to the overall quality of sport.

The National Officiating Summit seeks to facilitate the growth and health of sports officiating into the future. As Australia’s only dedicated event for the industry, the National Officiating Summit is the first time that officials from all sporting disciplines and levels will meet in person. 

Our goal is to create the best platform for sports officials and their administrators to share and connect to improve the industry.

Officiating's industry event

"This pioneering event will quickly become a pilgrimage for officials, educators and administrators to improve their sport’s officiating capability.”

3 days of content

Over 500 attendees from all sports

30+ leading speakers and presenters

Exhibition hall with leading products

What can I expect?

The National Officiating Summit will attract the largest gathering of individuals, organisations and representatives from the sports officiating industry. The three-day Summit is designed to inspire, educate and connect sports officials through a dedicated program of keynote addresses, panel discussions, technical workshops and breakout streams across multiple aspects of officiating.

Hear the latest strategies, research and personal stories from some of the most respected officiating leaders and professionals.

Who should attend?

NOS 2024 welcomes officials from all sporting disciplines and levels, from grassroots through to the elite. Whether as an active official, educator or administrator, you’ll walk out of the Summit inspired and enlightened on the amazing world of sports officiating.

You’ll meet people from a diverse range of disciplines; people who are in your shoes from different sports, who face the same challenges and pressures, and who overcome the same obstacles. You’ll be among officiating people from all corners of the industry, and leave with new networks and friendships.

Get involved!

We are looking for ways to get the officiating community involved. If you’re interested in the below please contact us!

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